Gi Cirillo


Sports broadcasting will allow me to work everyday in a field that truly interests me, and broaden my network in the sports world. In order to excell in the sports broadcasting field you need to have confidence and willing to put in the work to get to the top.


This photo was taken with an iPhone 14 Pro Max, on the Daz Cam app. It is looking out of a plane window with the wing on the plane partially in the frame. It was taken at dusk, so the sky blue but not very bright. There are a few cloud in the sky, and you can see all of the city lights.

This is a photograph that I took while on a plane flying over London, England. The lights of the city looked super cool from the window, and I tried to capture it the best I could with my regular iPhone camera lense. After taking the photo I used an app called Daz Cam and it gives the photo a vintage film look, which I thought looked even more vibrant with the lights.

Streets of London

This photo was taken with an iPhone 14 pro max, on the Daz Cam app. It was taken from the middle of the street with the buildings around creating a tunnle affect. Through the end of the lines of buildings you are able to see more buildings in the distance. There is the back end of a white suv in the bottom right corner of the frame, and two woman walking toward the camera on the left part of the frame.

This street in London specifically was my favorite because as you can tell you are able to see the city buildings in the way back. I also love the look of the buildings and the curvey flow of the street. After taking this photo I put it into my Daz Cam App so it would look like a vintage photograph of that street, which I think worked pretty well.

Flower Arch

This flower arch is the enterance to a seating area of a cafe that over looks the water. I took this photograph with the water behind me, while also under the huge awning. When I saw how beautiful this area was, I immediately wish Saint Joseph's had this exact cafe on campus so I could go there to study everyday. After taking this photo I used the Daz Cam App and gave it the film look, which brought out the colors and made the arch even more prominant.

Arc Bridge and Bubble

This is part of the Arc bridge in London and a building that is almost shaped like a bubble. This whole area was really pretty to walk around, and I like that there are many people walking around becuase it gives the true toursity vibe. I also took this photo on Dazz cam for the film look.